My Fees

Please see below a list of my current fees.

Clinical Nutrition Consultancy

To help provide you with some guidelines what is included in the consultation cost and clinical practice structure and I have listed the initial steps:

  • An initial consultation is attended to discuss in detail your health concerns and develop a nutrition plan.
  • I will follow up with a phone call 3 – 4 days after the initial consultation to discuss any questions you may have after the initial appointment.
  • Usually 4 – 6 weeks after the initial consultation a follow up appointment will revise progress and adjustments made as necessary. During this appointment we will decide what ongoing future support you will require.

$195.00 – paid at the time of the 1st appointment.

What you need to know FAQs.

Have you Read my Latest News?

Keep upto date with all the latest news in food, diet and nutrition.

Could It Be A Food Sensitivity?

Food can be our best friend or worst enemy. Food sensitivities are on the rise and it is estimated that over 20% of people in the world suffer from a food sensitivity issue.
Generally, many people understand that certain foods can cause digestive disorders. However, despite a substantial body of evidence that certain foods can play a significant role in behaviour disorders such as ADHD, anxiety and depression, diet is often not considered.

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Nutrition Fast Facts Calendar 2020

Free Nutrition Fast Facts Calendar 2020.

Each month has 3 Fasts Facts on either a diet, food or nutrition with a blank calendar so you can download, print and mark up with your own important events.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss research over the past couple of years has been interesting. Science has demonstrated that the simplistic model of “eating less” and “moving more” which is favoured by many in public health, is in fact complicated. One of the factors that makes weight loss complicated is individual human metabolism.

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What you Need to Know


Can I claim on private health insurance?

I am registered with the following providers for private health fund rebates:

  • HBF
  • Medibank Private
  • GU Health
  • APIA Health Insurance
  • AHM, Australian Unity
  • Cardicare Health Fund
  • Mildura Health Fund
  • Qantas Health Insurance
  • Queensland Country Health
  • Westfund


Can I claim on Medicare?

At this point, my services are not claimable under Medicare.


You can pay by credit card or cash.