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Ketogenic Diets – A New Frontier

Therapeutic ketogenic diets are an exciting area in nutritional medicine research.

The prospect of being able to modify a person’s diet to provide symptomatic relief or even influence disease progress provides people with options regarding their health management.

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Free Mini eBook: Whole Food Nutrition with Meal Plan

The focus on nutrition is to have tasty nutrient-dense meals using whole real foods. Whole food nutrient-rich diets have been proven without a doubt to improve physical health, mental health, and overall well-being.

We need to make sure we nurture ourselves with food that will provide all essential nutrients to support the complex biochemical mechanisms going on inside every cell of our body.

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6 Major Nutrients to Support Mental Health in Children

Making individual nutrition choices can offer an easy way to help support and improve mental health.

Most people know that we need to eat the right food every day to sustain our bodies, keeping it strong and healthy. However, the type of food, diet, and nutrition we consume daily can also have a significant impact on our mood.

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Part 1 – Nutrition for The Immune System

Proper nutrition helps create an immune system environment that can respond well to immune challenges. In contrast, poor nutrition creates an immune system environment that cannot react to immune problems.

Understand how you can help your immune system with the right nutrition.

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The Food Fix – Changing The Way We Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Dietary Guidelines Need to Change for People with Type 2 Diabetes.

The Food Fix report challenges the “Business as Usual” treatment approaches and questions the body of evidence in regard to the current management practices of Type 2 Diabetes, especially in respect to diet advice due to the fact that current recommendations are not working.

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Could It Be A Food Sensitivity?

Food can be our best friend or worst enemy. Food sensitivities are on the rise and it is estimated that over 20% of people in the world suffer from a food sensitivity issue.
Generally, many people understand that certain foods can cause digestive disorders. However, despite a substantial body of evidence that certain foods can play a significant role in behaviour disorders such as ADHD, anxiety and depression, diet is often not considered.

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Nutrition Fast Facts Calendar 2020

Free Nutrition Fast Facts Calendar 2020.

Each month has 3 Fasts Facts on either a diet, food or nutrition with a blank calendar so you can download, print and mark up with your own important events.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss research over the past couple of years has been interesting. Science has demonstrated that the simplistic model of “eating less” and “moving more” which is favoured by many in public health, is in fact complicated. One of the factors that makes weight loss complicated is individual human metabolism.

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Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

Until just recently, many people that experienced a range of symptoms in response to the eating wheat or foods that contain gluten were believed to be symptoms typical of coeliac disease. However, when people were tested for coeliac disease they lacked the characteristic markers of coeliac disease

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Is Stress Making You Sick?

The body’s stress response to a situation such as jumping when a balloon pops or feeling butterflies when getting ready to play a sport event, is considered normal and healthy. What isn’t considered normal or healthy, is when the body is under constant stress without adequate time for recovery. This can lead to poor health, such as putting on weight and promote disease such as diabetes or heart disease.

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